Royal Decameron Complex
Puerto Vallarta

The Royal Decameron Complex in Puerto Vallarta is a very popular resort for families to stay at. You can always find a great vacation package here. This all inclusive resort is very large, with six different colorful blocks of buildings to stay in.

This property is situated on the Riviera Nayarit side which is only a short walk to Bucerias. The Complex is located on a picturesque stretch of one of Puerto Vallarta's most gorgeous beaches.

The resort is beautiful and well maintained with six hundred and twenty rooms. Breakfast and lunch are all a la carte at three of their restaurants. The restaurants open at 7am for your morning coffee.

The Royal Decameron Complex offers a great choice of specialty restaurants for dinner with an additional two buffet restaurants. One restaurant opens for late night snacks. The snacks are all leftovers from the dinners served earlier.

The Secret to Getting Dinner Reservations

There is a secret to getting dinner reservations here for their specialty restaurants. You will be told to line up behind block three at 8:00am. The secret is to wait until 2:30pm, go back to the same place and book your reservations. If you do not get dinner reservations, there are two buffets open for dinner as well.

Is the food good?

The food was excellent in my own opinion. One word of caution, take it easy your first day eating in Puerto Vallarta. The food is much richer and deliciously spicy, more than you are probably used to.

As for the exotic fruits and vegetables, wow you can not get any fresher. Also, try the coconut, when it is picked right off the tree. It has a whole new meaning and taste. Do not count out a fruit that you dislike back home until you have tried a fresh one here.

The buffets have an amazing variety of food to choose from: Mexican, Chinese and American style. What they call sausages are what we call hot dogs. They even make hot dog pizza.

Now I was very sad to see American style food here. The reason they serve burgers and pizza is because so many tourists complain wanting food from home. So please do not hold this against them, they are just trying to please everyone. Make sure to try out their authentic Mexican food. You will not be sorry, leave the burgers for the kids.

The Exotic Fruit Trees Outside of the Spa

Fruit trees at the Royal Decameron Complex in Puerto Vallarta

More Tips for the Royal Decameron Complex

Now as I have mentioned previously,  the Royal Decameron Complex is huge! Bring good walking shoes or sandals. It is a good idea to bring your own travel mug or buy a souvenir cup when you are in Puerto Vallarta. That way if you would like to bring a coffee or drink up to your room, you can. Between 12AM and 7AM you will not be able to access any food or drinks as this is not a 24 hour resort.

Other things to consider when booking at the Royal Decameron Complex is to bring extra towels. Their gift shops are pretty pricey so try to buy anything you need off the property.

Booking Your Stay

If you want connecting or adjoining rooms, ask them to put you in BLOCK SIX. Request this with your travel agent, online booking service or by contacting any tour company that you are using. Also, do not ask for the top floor as pigeons nest here, making quite a mess on your patio.

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