Gringo Gulch
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Gringo Gulch is where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton started their extramarital love affair. This lead to the purchase of Casa Kimberley and a villa across the road.

This twenty year romance came with two marriages and two divorces. Never to be forgotten, as it definitely put Puerto Vallarta on the map.

The area became extremely popular with Expiats after the filming of "The Night of the Iguana" in 1963. As word of Liz and Dick's love for this little fishing village spread, so did its tourism. When Richard died, it was too hard for Elizabeth to remain in Puerto Vallarta and she sold Casa Kimberley as well as everything in the house including clothes, furniture and even letters.

The new owners turned Casa Kimberley into a popular Bed and Breakfast plus a Museum. So their legend lived on in the Gringo Gulch. Sadly in 2010,  the Museum closed and soon after the Bed and Breakfast closed.

The famous home was put on the market for over 1 million dollars. It was purchased and has been made into condos. The only thing left is their bridge of love over Zaragoza Street.

Nobody knows exactly where Liz's personal belongings are or what happened to them.  Personally, I hope that they are found and get put on display somewhere in a Puerto Vallarta Museum so the world can enjoy them and remember, how Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton changed Puerto Vallarta history.

Gringo Gulch is on the east side of town located above the town's Church. There are many steep staircases to get around in this area of town. You can rent many different villas up there including the one that was beside Casa Kimberley.

People enjoy this area as it is out of the touristy part of town, but close enough that you can get there if you need to.

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