Mexican Dance
Mariachi Music

When it comes to Mexican dance, the first one that seems to come to everyone's mind is the Salsa. But actually, the Salsa originated in Cuba and not in Mexico. Other dance's like the Cha Cha, Tango, Rumba and the Mambo were started in Cuba as well.

In Puerto Vallarta, you will see dancing at festivals, on the Malecon and even on tours. Mexico has everything from traditional dance to the Zumba.

Mexicans love to dance so much that this man in the following video has actually  taught his dog the Mambo! This is too cute and she is a way better dancer than me.

So what Latin dances started in Mexico? Well, the Mexican Hat Dance for starters.  At one time, it was declared the National Folk Dance of Mexico. Everybody knows this tune and associates it with Mexico.

People love to dance to Mariachi music and is very popular in Puerto Vallarta, as well as the rest of Mexico.  Mariachi originated in the state of Jalisco, sometime in the 19th century. Some people say it is as Mexican as Tequila. You can not get much more Mexican than that! Mariachi music is now played all over the world. El Son de La Negra is a very popular flirty Mariachi dance.

La Cucaracha became very popular in dance during the Mexican Revolution. There is no concrete evidence where the dance originated from. I am sure you know the song very well and also associate it with Mexico.

Los Viejitos is a funny traditional dance, meaning Old Men. It was originally done to make fun of the Spanish people. It's more of a show than a dance with some chasing and fighting going on.

For the most part Mexican dancing is fast, upbeat and lively. As well, it is full of Mexican tradition and culture. It celebrates the joys of everyday living in Mexico.

Traditional costumes worn to many types of this music are usually spiffy cowboy clothes for men and colorful double circle skirts with ribbons for the ladies.

No matter where you go in Puerto Vallarta, chances are you will see Mexican dance and music all around. So put on some dancing shoes and get ready to have some fun!

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