Mexican Wedding Traditions

Are you looking to incorporate some Mexican wedding traditions into your wedding ceremony? Here are a few suggestions that have lasted throughout the centuries. Since most Mexican families are Roman Catholic, the first wedding tradition is the giving and acceptance of thirteen gold coins.

The Arras or gold coins are presented to the priest by the purchaser (usually a relative). The priest will then bless the gold coins. The number thirteen represents Christ and his twelve apostles. The priest will hand the coins to the bride after blessing them. The bride passes them to her groom to be. The groom places them on a tray to be kept till later on in the ceremony.

Close to the end of the ceremony the priest will then pass back the gold coins and the box they came in to the groom. At this point the groom pours the gold coins into his brides hands and places the box on top. This represents the grooms trust in his brides ability to take care of the finances and their family.

Another popular Mexican wedding tradition is the Lasso. The Lasso or Lazo is a loop of rosary beads. This is to symbolize unity. Sometimes it is made of entwined orange blossoms to symbolize happiness and fertility. The rosary may be given by a special person or one set of parents. This must be blessed three times with holy water to honor the trinity.

After the couple has exchanged wedding vows the rosary is placed on the grooms shoulders. Then the rosary is intertwined in the shape of an eight with the bride. They wear the rosary for the remainder of the service. When the service ends the bride keeps the rosary as a special wedding memento.

The money dance is another very popular mexican wedding tradition. The object of this dance is to collect money for the honeymoon and setting up their new lives together. Guests pay money to dance with the bride and are expected to donate generously.

There are other things you can do like: presenting flowers to the Virgin Mary, the donation of the brides bouquet, the exchanging of the rings and having a Mariachi band and drinking Sangria at your wedding reception.

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