Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching

Puerto Vallarta whale watching is a very popular tourist attraction lasting from the middle of December until the end of March. These spectacular mammals migrate here annually to breed and give birth to their young.

The reason for the whales migrating to Vallarta is because Alaska is not an ideal feeding ground in the winter months and the water temperature are too cold to have their young.

The most sought after viewings are for the enormous Humpback Whales. These whales reach lengths of 35 to 48 feet long. Now that is huge! The females are actually even larger than the males and can live up to 50 years. Mother's can deliver a baby of 15 feet in length after an 11 month gestation period. They can only produce a calf every 2 to 3 years. The babies stay very close to their mother's for their first year of life. By the end of March when they migrate back to Alaska they will have grown to about 25 feet long.

Other whales that frequent Banderas Bay are Grey Whales, Sperm Whales, Orkas (Killer Whales) and Blue Whales. Blue Whales are the largest species of all whales. Unfortunately they were hunted to near extinction so seeing them is extremely rare.

You may find you have booked a snorkeling or scuba diving tour and the next thing you know is a giant humpback whale is in the area. Always be respectful and keep your distance.

Puerto Vallarta whale watching is big business. There are many tour companies that offer whale watching packages. Please make sure you only take an Eco friendly tour!

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