Quimixto Puerto Vallarta 
A Quaint Fishing Village 

Visiting Quimixto is like stepping back in time. This small fishing village on the south side of Banderas Bay is something to see. You can take one of the popular tours to get here or catch a water taxi. Depending on your budget, water taxi's are much cheaper and quite fun.

From the dock you can see schools of fish swimming, making this a good fishing spot for the locale fisherman. The village is surrounded by lush jungle. As you can see, the beach is not as clean as Playa Las Animas.

Quimixto Puerto Vallarta

There is only one road in Quimixto and the photo below shows it. The road was proudly decorated with Papel Picado Mexican folk art. It starts off being only sand and then you will find the cobblestone. It is humbling to think that people actually live like this. As you look around though, you will notice that the locals are happy and content.

The only road in Quimixto

The Only Road in Quimixto

You can find tiny little stores to buy a cold drink in. Also, the children have a little money-making stand of their own, in which they sell exotic fruits. You probably won't see any toys, bikes, or expensive gaming consoles, no cell phones either. Just people enjoying a simpler life.

Happy Kids in Quimixto

 Children in Quimixto

When you reach the end of the road (it is not very long) you will find ponies and donkeys for rent. You can take a ride or take a walk along a path which crosses a small stream and leads up to a waterfall. 

The pony/donkey knows exactly what they are doing, so no need to steer, just enjoy the ride. When you get to the waterfall they will just stop. When you want to return to the village of Quimixto, they will be in the same spot waiting for you. They are very well trained animals.

The waterfall is beautiful, local children can show you how they climb up the steep cliff and dive into the water below. They have a small restaurant where you can buy snacks, drinks and and some tapas. They charge 5 pesos to use the bathroom as well.

Quimixto Waterfalls

A Simple Kitchen true Mexican style

The photo below shows you one of the local's kitchens. Inside this brick and stone building is where one family cooks their meals. The time you will spend here is well worth checking out. It really makes you think, do you really need this or that? And, it definitely gave me more inspiration to write the Puerto Vallarta Charities page.

Cooking Mexican Style

More Photos

A Small Home in Quimixto

People live here in a place where life is simple. There aren't too many cars and not much pollution but they do have satellite television.

The Simple Life in Quimixto

We hope that you include a trip to Quimixto in your vacation agenda and experience the simpler life of Puerto Vallarta. It will be well worth your time.

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