Mexico Scuba Diving
Popular Scuba Diving Locations in Puerto Vallarta

Mexico scuba diving is a tropical marine paradise. Puerto Vallarta is no exception and offers numerous scuba packages with a large variety of places to explore. Banderas Bay is home to so many interesting sea life mammals and creatures.

If you want to get humpback whale photos plan to come here between the end of October and before the end of March. The whales migrate to Banderas Bay every year to mate and give birth because the water temperatures here are more suitable for their young.

Many species of sea turtles are also found in Banderas Bay. They too come here yearly from mid August until February to mate and lay their eggs. 

Other marine species stay here all year like the year round bottle nose dolphin. People have fun scuba diving with these friendly playful creatures. If you have an underwater camera I would definitely suggest bringing it with you on your dive.

Five Popular Scuba Diving Locations in Puerto Vallarta

There are five very popular locations for scuba diving packages in Puerto Vallarta:

1) Los Arcos is an underwater national park. Natural rock formations that have risen from the sea millions of years ago have become home to many species of sting rays, manta rays, lobster, octopus, starfish, seahorses and many types of tropical fish. Day or night diving is allowed.

2) Colomitos is a small cove close to Los Arcos. This is where you can explore an underwater hillside and find marine life hidden in the rocks and around them. This dive is also offered day or night

3) Majahuitas is located just south of the quaint fishing village of Quimixto. The beautiful clear water makes it a great Mexico scuba diving site. This shallow dive allows you to see schools of bright tropical fish. Only offered in the daytime.

4) El Chimo is at the southwestern tip of Banderas Bay. This is considered to be the best dive site in Puerto Vallarta. From this area you can see everything from humpback whales, dolphins, seahorses, turtles and a wide variety of tropical fish.

5) The last diving spot is a protected wildlife sanctuary in the Las Marietas Islands also know as Islas Marietas. Here you can see the Blue Footed Boobies. It also boasts various caves, reefs and drop offs making for some excellent scuba diving. The formations here are volcanic. See the video below of the hidden beaches at Las Marietas.

Whichever Mexico scuba diving adventure you choose, it will be a memory to last a lifetime. Please come back and share your Scuba Diving Adventure with us!

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