Puerto Vallarta Kayaking

Puerto Vallarta kayaking is a very fun and exciting way to explore Banderas Bay. Enjoy the marine life as you paddle through small coves and enjoy the breath taking views. Most of the resorts will provide you with free kayaks that you can use during the daytime. Some will even have tandem kayaks. A few resorts do charge a small rental fee to take out the kayaks.

Every single day presents new possible sightings and areas to explore. For example, one day, you might come across a pod of dolphins. Another day, you might witness some beautiful sea turtles or schools of tropical fish. Another day, you might come across some exotic beaches that are only accessible by boat. Beauty is everywhere so take your time and enjoy yourself. 

If you are not experienced then hire a guide for your Puerto Vallarta kayaking.  They will know the best places to take you and what beaches are the best and the safest to explore. Even if you are experienced in kayaking, I would still recommend hiring a guide the first day especially if you are not familiar with Banderas Bay.

Take a look at the video below to see a group of kayakers encountering a pod of dolphins in Puerto Vallarta on Banderas Bay. 

As with everything else in the area, many tour companies offer Puerto Vallarta kayaking tours. These tours are usually a whole day event. Tours vary so you can choose the activities you want to do. One such package is where you will be taken to a quiet cove with a safe beach where you can then kayak, snorkel, have lunch or just enjoy the scenery.

Now if you are the real sporty type, go Deep Sea Kayak Fishing. Charter Tour Boats will whisk you out to sea where you will grab a fishing rod and get in a kayak. {Some Charters offer tandem kayaks.} Just imagine hauling in a huge fish while trying to navigate a kayak at the same time. This is definitely for the thrill seekers and is a huge sport in Vallarta. If you do decide to go kayak fishing make sure you have your Mexican Fishing License.

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